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I'm Christian, Scot, Kentuckian and American, in that order. (If you quit reading after the word "Christian", why how open-minded you must be...) I was USAF for 13 years, and have lived in KCMO, England, Thailand, Delaware and Mississippi, then moved to Texas in '84. I'm 8 years into my second band, a Celtic/folk/filk duo called October Country. I am a fanatic amateur photographer, a non-stop reader, and singer/songwriter. (on a purely mundane level, I pay taxes for a rent-to-own company...) I love anything authentically Scottish, Japanese, or Thai. I find myself continuously surrounded by bellydancers, rennies, writers and artists, and dearly love it. I believe utterly in my religion and will share why with anybody who wants to know. I blog on Myspace and use Facebook to find obscure people who thought they got rid of me years ago. I love Spiderman and children, like ferrets and sushi, and tolerate cats and their owners. I oppose Socialism in any form. I am a rum person. I filk.