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Squid Bacon, Renton, and Filk (Oh, my!)

As God is my witness, I'll never play "Whose Line" with the world's fastest filker again.  (Dammit, Jim, I'm a singer, not an improv genius...)
Other than that, I can't TELL you what a great time I had at Conflikt 3 in Renton WA this weekend,  where thanks to Interfilk, Shaddow and I took October Country out to the coast.
First off, all the new people met and new friends made.  I'd been reading jenk and vixyish on LJ for a while & was looking forward to meeting them, but I was not necessarily prepared for banjoplayinnerd and Cindy and Molly and bluesmancd and everyone whose names I'd have to go get the program book to remember.   And all those Canadians.....yep.
And then there was the music....uh, wow.   filkertom and Alec Adams I knew from FenCon.  But I was not expecting to be able to sit down and talk to folk like Kathy Mar and Frank Hayes, much less get to hear them sing.  And, face it, I became musically smitten with Vix & Tony.  And then all the rest of 'em.   And the songs, which shaddow  and I will be starting to learn post-haste, and some of which will be sung at the Brigidantia Bardic Bash this very weekend.  
On top of it all, youngraven got to journey North to meet up with us and I was granted her company and that of the boy-o for a couple of meals & nice conversation.  And of course we got to sing for an hour for folks who'd never heard us & were apparently satisfied with the audition.
(there WERE familiar faces in the crowd like Dr. Sloan and filkferret  and Gypsy.)  
Like I said, I can't describe all of it.  But it ROCKED.   THANK YOU, SEATTLE! and Interfilk!
Now then, y'all Confliktees who are also on facebook, look me up (casey Sledge or facebook/bearhugger).
I was of course chastised when I returned, by a beautiful lass in Olympia whom I didn't contact while there.  NEXT TIME, lass.  'Cause if I can possibly do it, there will be a next time...


 I loved Torchwood the first year.
I was saddened by Torchwood the second year.
This week, I have been alternately outraged, beguiled, disgusted and angered by Torchwood.
I will probably never watch it again, even if it does come back.

If you love children, if you know ME, you'll understand why.
If you HAVE children, PLEASE do not let them watch Torchwood:  Children of Earth.
If you ever meet R. Davies, kick him in the balls.

There.  I feel better.  I hope the rancid taste in my mouth goes away in time to watch Dr. Who, Sunday.
But to tell you the truth, I'm not sure it will.

Writer's Block: Celebrating Friendships

Over the past ten years, many friendships have started and/or been renewed on LiveJournal. Of your current LJ friends, who have you known the longest?
Well, this would be no contest.  Somewhere in the distant past, I met the most precocious 9 year old girl I've ever encountered:  the little sister of my best friend.  We became fast friends, except for a couple of years during which no self-respecting teenager would admit to liking an "old fart" of 27.  We are still in touch; indeed, more than me and her brother.  Who would this be?  Well, 30 years on, this would be rougewench .
Hugs, lass, and looking forward to your Scarborough visit. 

It is Finished!

A repost of my current Myspace blog, give or take.

It is finished.
He has done it.
Life conquered death.
Jesus Christ has won it.

I am a Christian.
This has a very specific meaning, because the definition of "Christian" has been manipulated, tweeked, toyed-with and watered down until it may not mean to you what it does to those of us who actually believe in Jesus Christ as our God.
And that's what being a Christian is, to us. Not a denominational thing, or a cultural thing, or a morality thing, or a "spiritual" thing.
Rather, a Person. A God who is not a nebulous, unknowable, distant deity, but a loving, involved Person who not only created us, but sustains us, and who seeks to lift us out of our merely human lives to experience an eternal relationship with Him.

It's Resurrection Day, today. (Yeah, I call it "Easter", too. But in order to make it plain that I'm not speaking of Ostara, or Easter-egg laying bunny rabbits (how does that work, anyway?), or an excuse to buy a bunch of fancy new clothes to show off, let's cut to the chase.) My God, who cared enough about me and you to diminish Himself, offer Himself, and allow Himself to be killed in order to bring us to Himself, got up and walked out of the cave He was buried in. Yep, that's what I think happened.
No "spiritual" symbolism.  No mythological religious pomposity.  Just fact.  A fact that changes just about everything.

I've written about this, before. As I usually do, this time of year, I leave the question as an exercise for the reader:
What if we're right? What if this whole Son of God dying/rising forgiveness and redemption story IS really true? If it is, then there are things you might want to ask yourself. 
Like, what do I owe this kind of a God?  How can I get in on this relationship?  What's next?

If it isn't true, so be it.  If it is, it's pretty important, I'd say.  If there is a Redeemer, I'd wanna find out.

May your day be filled with peace and joy and the reality of Resurrection.

Hugs all around, in the Name of the King.


Dunn Brothers Keller

 Just a quick note....
shaddow , youngraven  and I will be playing Dunn Brothers Coffee, 5040 North Tarrant Parkway in Keller, TX
Saturday night the 28th March from 8-10pm.   Celtic, folk, filk, and Gypsy!  And coffee and such.  And hopefully a bunch of folks to listen, kibbitz, sing-along, and have fun.  So if you're not busy, get on over there.  (If you are busy, consider yourself hugged, anyway...)

March and Beyond

Putting legal definitions aside, at what age do you think someone can really be considered an adult?
Welcome to my sickbed! Arggghhhh.
Actually, I'm not bedridden~that WOULD be a sorry way to begin this Journal.  But I AM currently on Vicodin for the (severe) pain
of shingles.  Yuck.
But enuff about my encroaching senility (I used to think only old people got this stuff, like my parents...)
It's March, and all of a sudden I'm a busy little bard.
October Country (shaddow and me!) will be performing at North Texas Irish Festival next Sunday at 5:15pm on the Urchin Street Stage.  shaddow will also be running sound for that stage all weekend long.  
Now, we love NTIF.  But they've put us up against headliner Seven Nations this year.  So, a request to those who care (!):  Go see Seven Nations early in the weekend and then see US.  'Nuff said.

We're also playing Keller's Dunn Brothers Coffee on Saturday March 28.  The last time we played there, we were supposed to be having a hurricane.  Didn't happen, but the sky was really funky for a while, there...AND we made a new fan/friend:  pandorasylph 's little sister was hanging out with Calleigh House.

I confirmed last night that I'll be part of a pick-up band doing a restaurant gig in Lewisville on St. Patrick's Day, along with members of Tippler's Folly and Echoes from the Glen.  This will be interesting, as we have SOME cross-over repertoire, but different styles...
Should be fun.

As for the Beyond part, October Country has been selected by Interfilk to be the Interfilk Guests of Honor at next year's Conflikt 3, a filk convention in the Seattle area in January.  The Pacific Northwest.  In January.  I don't care, I'm going to enjoy the heck out of this.
I've never BEEN to Washington.   Technically, I've never been to a filk convention.  We are all looking forward to it...youngraven is 
coming along to rangle guitars (her words), play bodhran, and seek out new sessions and civilizations while we expose Conflikt to 
Stan Rogers, James Keilihan, and the filk of Texas.

Speaking of that, it's my goal for this venture to bring not only October Country music, but other filk from this area, to the Con.  I'll be asking folk like cluegirl , ellayn , faxpaladin and others for permission to play their stuff.  And may I say that we are grateful to Interfilk for the consideration and opportunity.

Alright.  I hurt.  I'm gonna go lie down.